Working towards a full experience!

Hello everyone!

The development of the game is an ongoing effort for all of us involved and we will try to dedicate as much of our time as possible in the next weeks.

Our first priority is to be able to deliver the exact experience we had in mind at the beginning of the Global Game Jam.

For this reason the current priorities are the following:

  • Implement support for XBOX controllers.
  • Implement a sistem of incrementive soundtrack as we originally wanted, with the music incrementing for each memory that has been completed.
  • Improve the stealing/attack mechanism of the enemy.
  • Fix the UI of the main menu.
  • Minor fix to the spawn of memory fragments for a coherent narrative experience.
  • Some minor fix for camera and other elements.

We are happy to announce that most of these enhancements/bugfixes have already been developed, but we want to have them all before releasing a new build.

We are doing our best to have this new version as soon as possible, have faith in us :)

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