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The struggle of a man to remember his life, his love, his passion for music, after he's been afflicted by a disease. Will he be able to reconstruct his memories or will the disease steal every fragment of his last memories? Will he be able to play his masterwork?


We are currently working to improve the game and apply some minor bug fix.


This game has been developed during Global Game Jam 2021 at the Milan, Italy (virtual) site.


Team Kaponata&Pestho

Ilario Gabriele Gerloni: Game Designer/Game Developer/Programmer - https://ilariogerloni.wixsite.com/portfolio

Jacopo Fabrini: Game Designer/Game Developer/Programmer

Gianlorenzo Neri: Game Designer/Composer/Sound Designer  -https://www.linkedin.com/in/gianlorenzo-neri-333a551b5/

Adriano Di Mauro: Game Designer/Game Artist - https://adrianodimauro.com/works/


Windows.zip 46 MB
MacOS.zip 49 MB

Install instructions

No additional download required, simply download the build for your system and launch the game.

Development log

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